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Siemens 7CF1 4D ultrasound transducer probe repair Series: SiemensOnline Consulting
  • Full Name:Siemens 7CF1 4D ultrasound transducer probe
    Application:Abdomen,Fetal Echo,OB/GYN,Pelvis,Renal
    FOV:Lightweight transducer with flexible cable,Ergonomically designed form factor, User-selectable MultiHertz multiple frequency imaging,Wide bandwidth curved array volume transducer
    Others features:
    Compatible:S3000 S1000
    Repair capability (Yes-can repair,No-can't repair,We can offer some compatible)
    Oil dome:yes
    Crystal array:No
    4D function:Yes
    Compatible probe:No
    All probes will be shipped in 2 working days after we confirmed TT payment by DHL or EMS .
    All probes be replaced with new array have 1 year warranty
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